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Our Brand



Enfant Infant, precious as "gold". The qualified product made for baby since newborn to 2 years of age. All designs are created according to research and development on kid's measurement. Pure and natural for your babies with mild and soft cotton 100% special selected and premium materials like "Gold".


Enfant Blue take special care in its materials section, using only the finest yarn and soft 100% cotton fiber, cleaned and mind color to ensure that babies are always safe from sensitive skin irritation and allergies. Lovely prints, vibrant colors, and comfort are keys to "Enfant" Children clothing.


Organic Cotton

Enfant babywears are made from 100% organic cotton, with no chemical or pesicides used in the entire growing and production process, and dyed with eco friendly low-impact dyes.


An exciting new innovation from "Enfant" with superior features made possible by Bamboo fiber application. The special fiber allow for better heat and moisture transfer, rapidly eliminating any ill odor, resulting in soft and dry wearing comfort, with excellent air passage feature.


"Soft & Smooth comfort with practical features supporting the baby's movement".

Enfant infant captures the basic styles, simply, clean, comfortable and white base color to create an essential brand of knitted newborn babies apparel. The purify and superior quality of cotton is idea for baby's delicate skin as it is gentle, helping to avoid irritation for newborn.


Little Angle Fashion. The Innovation material of children wear for tropical area. Example baby bodysuit, cutie dress, hat, mittens, booties, bib, diapers etc.