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Online Shopping / Pre-order


Easy Step for shopping on website

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01 Open Order

  1. Choosing the product item on the "Products" menu.

  2. Choosing product specification as you want Ex product size, color, quantity and click...
    填上有關貨號資料 (包括件數, 顏色, 尺碼)

  3. Click... and fill information
    Ex your convenience bank account payment, your convenience pick up product at our store area.
    付款方法, 選擇取貨地點

    P.S. Please specify your destination on sending products
    * Picking up at our shop (free of charges)
    * Sending as your specification address (excluding sending charges)
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02 Confirm Order / waiting for your Payment

  1. Waiting for our e-commerce contacting on confirmation your order and total price by mail (also check in your junk mail box).

  2. Payment by transfer money via bank account.
    直接付款 / 轉帳

  3. Keeping your payment details to against with us.
    保留收據, 待取貨時給予我們簡單紀錄
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03 Payment Confirm / waiting for shipment to store

  1. Click.. button (in your mail) and fill your payment information
    Ex: Payment slip (photo, details), Date / Time payment, Total payment transfer etc.

  2. Waiting for our e-commerce staff contacting on confirmation your payment by mail (also check-in to your junk mail box).
    完成交易後, 請把付款收據轉發給我們郵件以作核對.

  3. Waiting for shipment to our store. We will call you back when products are shipped to store. (within 3 - 5 days)
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04 Shipping products to our store

  1. You will get mail on products picking up as your chosen destination.

  2. Pick up product at our store.

    Note: Please be concerntrate on chosen product confirmation, all no refundable, change and returen.
    取貨時,請小心檢查貨件, 一旦貨品出門卻不能作出退貨或更換

  3. Order Completed